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Industrial Paper Euro Glued Perforated Recycled Blue - 2-ply

Article number: 108638

This 100% recycled paper is extra strong due to the gluing of the layers, has a high tensile strength and has a nice heft when held. The blue color makes the paper suitable for use in accordance with HACCP regulations. This paper is widely used in various industries.

Product information:

  • 100% recycled fibers
  • 2-ply
  • Dimensions: 380 meter x 37 cm
  • High tensile strength due to glue bonding
  • Nice heft in the hand
  • Blue in accordance with HACCP standards
  • Suitable for wall-mounted and floor stand

Rob van der Walle
Rob van der Walle
Product specialist
Rob van der Walle about this product: Paper rolls are incredibly versatile and are used more often than you may think. They come in handy in the kitchen, in workshops or even on a doctor’s treatment table. All because paper is a very hygienic option!

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