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Good hygiene is an absolute top priority in healtcare. The medical sector tries to both prevent and remedy health problems. Workers in this sector run a greater risk of infection than the average citizen because they have a so-called 'contact profession', use many of the same spaces and materials and come into contact with people with reduced resistance. Unwashed hands and materials that are not clean enough can transmit bacteria and cause infections. Hygiene is especially important in the medical sector; risk of infection must be avoided at all times.

MTS Euro Products is a supplier with a wide and high-quality range of sanitary and hygiene products. A supplier that is aware of the certifications that hygiene products in healthcare must meet. MTS Euro Products offers an extensive range for the medical sector, from which you can easily compile your favorite set of products.

Our medical offer

MTS Euro Products carries a very comprehensive professional medical product range. It consists of products for cleaning and disinfection to ensure optimum hygiene. Adherence to a strict hygiene plan contributes to avoiding cross-contamination and infection transmission in healthcare facilities. This includes not only hygiene measures, such as instrument and surface disinfection, but also personal hygiene, which consists of regular hand disinfection. A wide range of products is required to meet the mandatory hygiene standards: from user-friendly toilet towel paper to hygienic soaps, dispensers with elbow operation, disinfecting hand gel and exam table paper. MTS Euro Products supplies products with various EN standards and products that are registered with the CTGB. Our products are available from stock. Scroll down to read more about this sector, our products, and some interesting articles that will help you implement hygiene solutions.


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Physiotherapist Bram about the current period full of changes and government measures.

Physiotherapist Bram about the current period full of changes and government measures.

The year 2020 and the first half of 2021 were dominated by COVID-19, lockdowns and quarantine measures, which have made hygiene an even more important part of our society. This was an uncertain time for physiotherapists. Would their profession be classed as a non-essential contact profession, or an essential medical one? What measures have been taken and what has changed with regard to hygiene? In this interview, we talked to physiotherapist Bram van Huizen of Medical Center Hoog Lede about the recent period full of changes and governmental measures.

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The Ingoman dispensers

The Ingoman dispensers

The Ingoman dispensers are widely used dispensers in the medical industry. They are suitable for soap, hand gel and hand alcohol. The dispensers are available with short and long operating brackets and can therefore be operated with the elbow. This makes using the dispenser even more hygienic. You can set the dosage per dispenser, which can help limit consumption of soap or disinfectant.

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