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E-Tissue - Traditional Toilet Paper

Article number: 237330

E-Tissue - 100% Circulair

With our sustainable 100% circular hygiene paper, we have completely closed the loop: from the production process to collecting used hand towels. By collecting hand towels properly, we can ensure that the underlying materials can be reused to make new hygiene paper. E-Tissue is our way of reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable world for humans and animals alike.

E-Tissue - Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper

Article number: 247315

E-Tissue - Midi Cleaning Paper

Article number: 117315

E-Tissue - Hand Towel Roll Mini Matic

Article number: 127315

E-Tissue - Industrial Roll XL

Article number: 107336

E-Tissue - Multifold Towel Paper

Article number: 227324

E-Tissue - V-Fold Towel Paper

Article number: 207321

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