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MTS Euro Products, for all your hygiene products

hygiene paper, cleaning rags, cleaning and toilet paper

About MTS Euro Products

MTS Euro Products has been supplying a wide range of high-quality hygiene products since 1991, such as toilet and towel paper, dispensers, nonwovens, absorbent materials and cleaning cloths. From our logistics center in Maassluis, we serve our customers at home and abroad on a daily basis. Service, speed and flexibility, together with quality, form the basis of what we are: a reliable, service-oriented supplier and knowledge partner for all your hygiene products.

MTS Euro Products & Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential part of our business operations and we are aware that as an important player in this sector, we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for both people and animals. The buying behavior of our customers and end users is changing. 53% of consumers consider impact on the environment and society an important factor when purchasing products or services. MTS Euro Products is aware of this and is moving along with this change.


Want to buy recycled hygiene paper for a fair price?

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Our website contains a clear overview of all our products. The products are divided into non-wovens, an overview of dispensers, cleaning rags, toilet hygiene, fleece cleaning rags and paper rolls. There is an extensive description with product specifications for each product.

More information about our products can be found on the MTS Euro Products website under 'products'. More information can also be found in our product brochure. Furthermore, our office staff is available every day to answer questions about our products.

We deliver quickly, we help you find a solution that will suit your needs, and we have a wide product range. We advise and think in terms of solutions, not problems, for both our customers and the end user.

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(for deliveries outside of these times, please contact our logistics department by phone: +3110 599 15 79)

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