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E-Tissue - Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper

Article number: 247315

The circular Jumbo roll from E-Tissue is made from top quality recycled material. The paper has a soft tissue feel and a pleasant scent. Due to the special formula, the drying strength is equal to pure cellulose quality. We do not add any chlorides or chemicals during the production process.

The Jumbo roll is efficient in use due to the high capacity of the roll (1000 sheets). This makes the product very suitable for busy locations.

Product information:

  • Number of layers: 2
  • Number of sheets: 1000
  • Roll diameter: 18.5 cm
  • Tube diameter: 63 mm
  • Length 1 paper: 15 cm
  • Roll height: 9 cm
  • Length whole roll 150 m

Michel van der Hoeven
Michel van der Hoeven
Product specialist
Michel van der Hoeven about this product: Special formula of E-Tissue

E-Tissue is an innovative product, produced entirely with recycled raw materials. We manufacture the E-Tissue products from top quality recycled kraft paper, cellulose trims (cutting residues from mother rolls) and collected towel paper. We do not add chlorides or chemicals during the E-Tissue production process, which means that all E-Tissue products are safe for people and nature.

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