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Which dispensers are sustainable in use?

Sustainability and environmentally conscious entrepreneurship are deeply rooted concepts within business operations at MTS Euro Products. The range consists of various sustainable products and dispensers. In addition to the Pearlline, MTS Euro Products launched its new dispenser line a few years ago: Quartzline. The Quartzline has been meticulously designed and executed down to the very last detail. During the design stage, we made sure to create a modular system. This means that all individual parts can easily be replaced, without having to replace the entire dispenser. In addition, when the dispenser is worn out, it can be recycled and any usable raw materials can be reused for new products. In addition to this sustainable solution, various other dispensers also have a sustainable effect. Below are several examples of such sustainable systems.

Toilet roll holder – cap rolls

The cap roll dispenser is ideal for busy locations. This compact dispenser has a lot of capacity due to the two large rolls it contains. The cap roll dispenser is also economical in use due to the brake function. With this sustainable brake function, you can affect the consumption rate of the dispenser. This allows you to dose the consumption and ensure that significantly less toilet paper is used.

Soap dispenser – Foam

We recommend a foam soap for washing your hands in a hygienic and environmentally conscious manner. This foaming hand soap is environmentally friendly, efficient, hygienic and affordable. The foam dispenser also gets a new hygienic dosing system with every new refill. The use of foam soap saves up to 50% compared to normal liquid soap. With liquid soap, an average of 1 ml is used per dose, but this amount is halved with foam soap. Foam soap creates a lot of volume in the hand, and therefore people are less inclined to push the button again and again.

Towel dispenser – Mini Matic XL

The Mini Matic XL is one of our dispensers that offers your the possibility to dry your hands in a hygienic way. In addition, the Mini Matix XL towel dispenser is a very compact dispenser with a lot of paper volume. This dispenser is durable in use due to the effective sheet-by-sheet dispensing. As a result, wasteful paper consumption is a thing of the past.

Air freshener system – Euro Green

One of our proudest products in terms of sustainability is the Euro Green air freshener. The Euro Green air freshener is a passive air freshener system without batteries and propellants. The refills are made of unfired clay and equipped with a scented gel. By means of natural air flow, the scent is spread through the room for more than 60 days. After 60 days, the refill can be disposed of with your organic waste, because it is biodegradable. In addition, the refills have a Carbon Footprint Certificate.

Would you like more information or advice about our sustainable dispensers? Contact one of our account managers.

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