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MTS Euro Products pays attention to people and the environment. On top of that, we also want to be financially healthy. We are very aware that the climate is changing, and MTS Euro Products acts responsibly to combat this. 53% of consumers nowadays pay attention to impact on the environment and society when purchasing products or services. Surprisingly, the corona crisis is generating increased attention to this subject, and according to 6 out of 10 consumers, it has shown that it is important for companies to perform an important function in society. We applaud that! Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has therefore grown into a strategic pillar in our business operations. We have integrated this concept in our policy using the 9 themes from the CSR guide.

We purchase environmentally friendly products, but we also make sure to purchase from local companies to save emissions. In addition, MTS Euro Products is active as a sponsor for various sports associations and an active partner of the local food bank, and we provide support for people who are at a disadvantage in the labor market. By organizing ourselves effectively, we can achieve our objectives in the field of CSR. On Tuesday, November 23, 2020, the certificate for the MVS Social Work Pact quality label was signed. Our colleague Vincent Ouwerkerk accepted the certificate on our behalf. In this article, Vincent shares how MTS Euro Products does in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

"We are currently in the middle of developing our new logistics center. It has been a great challenge to construct the building in a future-proof and climate-neutral manner. For example, the new center will be equipped with solar panels, and we aim to be energy neutral with our business operations. When designing, we took into account optimal routing for internal transport. When minimal actions are required, this means less internal movements, which results in more efficiency, less chance of incidents and less energy consumption.

We also want to gain insight into our packaging materials so that we can significantly reduce their use. We purchase environmentally friendly products as much as possible and inform our suppliers about important environmental guidelines. In terms of our purchasing policy, we have included important requirements in the areas of quality and the environment. We continuously make improvements to this policy and test it with our current and new suppliers. This way, we not only do good ourselves, but also influence the rest of the chain. These are just a few of the things we are working on right now. CSR is a broad concept that can be continuously improved upon, both internally and externally.”

In the second quarter of 2021, we are publishing our innovative CSR report in which we communicate transparently and clearly about our CSR policy. Corporate social responsibility is something we can only achieve if we work together. Get started, show that you can make an impact, involve people in your story and keep persevering.”

Do you have any questions or want to spar with Vincent about any CSR-related subject? Connect with him through LinkedIn.

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